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Liz French



2014-2015 Studied at the University of Highlands and Islands, NC Fine Art and Design



March 2014 Stormy Ground CGS online exhibition

Summer 2015, Morven Gallery, Isle of Lewis

April 1016 Pyramid Gallery York 'Water Music"

August 2017 St Marys Cathedral Edinburgh 'Edge of Colour' with Dave Sands.

August 2018 St Marys Cathedral Edinburgh, Mergings with Dave Sands

November Pyramid Gallery York 'Winter' 

Emerging Artist Award Creates Gallery Monmouth winner 2019 ( 2nd place)

August 2019 Sy Marys Cathedral Edinburgh,

'Separation and Connection' with Dave Sands

I brought my first kiln and began my work as glass artist in 2013. Previously i was working in Learning and Development.


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